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Nintendo DSi Console vs DS Lite

Compare DSi to DS Lite

Nintendo DSi images   |  Buy Now $ 129.00 USD

  • Screen is 17% bigger than on Nintendo DS and DS Lite - now 3.25 inches
  • At the same time the size of the console has been reduced about 12% thinner
  • DSi has two digital cameras built-in. Both VGA quality.
  • Built-in SD (SDHC) flash memory card slot
  • On DSi save pictures in SD Card and display them on the Nintendo Wii™
  • DSi has a Built-in browser function without the need for memory expansion pack
  • Built-in music player that works with the console closed
  • Download DSiWare Game and store your SD card (DSi Ware games are region specific!)
  • Plays all previous NDS™ and Nintendo DS Lite™ games!
  • Does NOT support Gameboy Advance™ games as there is no longer a slot for GBA carts!
  • At this time available in two classic colors - DSi Black and DSi White console - more later

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Buy Nintendo 3DS from Japan just like DSi XL

Posted on November 6 , 2008 in 3DSnews

Import the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DSi to USA from Japan before anybody else has one.

3DS can play all DS / DSi NDS games that were made for NDS and DS Lite. GBA titles are no longer directly compatible with the new console (can run Gameboy Games using Virtual Console like on Wii), but it has SD slot for playing MP3s / 3D screen without glasses and 3D photo and Video. Watching 3D images without glasses is definitely the main selling point but taking your own 3D pictures is just as cool.

Compare Nintendo 3DS with DSi XL / DS Lite and the new DSi.com consoles side by side:

Import Nintendo 3DS & DSi XL to USA

Posted on November 3 , 2008 in Shopping


Release Dates:
  • JAP Nov.1 2008
  • USA Q4 2009
  • EU Spring 2009

Are you looking to buy Nintendo DSi™ before it is released in USA an Europe? If so you need to buy DSi from online stores that import Nintendo DSi™ from Japan where the console is already released! (Release Date in Japan was November 1, 2008) DSi in USA will be abailable only in the Fourth Qauter of 2009 so that is only for Christmas shopping in '09. (available in EU Spring 2009). So click here to find the best way how to import a DSi. Best cheapest online stores where to buy a DSi for US or EU. Find the importeur near you and order your import.

DSi colors

Nintendo has confirmed precise launch dates for Europe (April 3, 2009) and Australia (April 2, 2009), and the fans in USA will get the DSi in stores on April. In U.S. the Nintendo DSi will be inicialy awailable in black and blue, but black or white in Europe and Australia.


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