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Looking Forward to the Nintendo 3DS
A lot of people have surely been very excited to take a look at the Nintendo 3DS. Just imagine how disappointing it would be the moment that you find out that it can possibly hurt the eyes. There might be people who have astigmatism and would not be able to fully appreciate what the 3D effect has in store for them though there are other people who have a great experience in playing with the Nintendo 3DS. This goes to show that though there are people who just adore this gadget, there are also other people who are not in favor of it due to certain circumstance and can help you ascertain that it may not really work for every person.

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One of the things that you will become aware about the Nintendo 3DS is that it will definitely change the way you play games. Looking at it in terms of the gaming platform aspect, you will see that it I not just splendid. Its gameplay will show you how impressive the 3D screen is, whether you are going to explore the jungle in the game Metal Gear Solid, or go acrobatic with the game Kid Icarus. You will also see how serious Nintendo is at taking things further.

However, what makes it very exciting is more than just being able to play games since it can also serve as your portable movie player in 3D and at the same time, use it to take pictures. So, if you just love high-tech gadgets, then this will be perfect for you. This is something that you should get whether you love to play games or you simply like having highly functional gadgets.

When you get to see the Nintendo 3DS for the very first time, you would feel as if you got to find out that there is really a Santa Claus. It would always be best to get first-hand experience when it comes to these kinds of things.

If there is one thing that would truly get you impressed is the 3D effect’s depth and at the same time, its graphics as a whole are way better as compared to the current systems of the DS. For those who might have a difficult time whenever they get prolonged exposure to 3D, then you just have to adjust or just turn the 3D effect off so that you can save your eyes from trouble.
You might have been quite a skeptic when you heard that the Nintendo 3DS would come to the E3, most especially because the idea that it does not require you to use 3D glasses. However, it was really the entire 3DS that made a real deal. As you check it out, you will see that its images are really crisp and well-defined. But even though it was able to work well, there were still a few other surprises that should be taken note of. It is able to take remarkable 3D photos as compared to the system that the DS has, and at the same time, it has the analog pad. With all of these things, you will surely become interested and excited at the same time because of this handheld platform.


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Nintendo PointsPosted on January 6 , 2011 in DsNews

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