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DSi Shop

DSi Shop

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Nintendo DSi console using its built in Wi-Fi can log on to an online DSi Shop that looks somewhat similar to what we have seen under the name of a Wii Shop Channel. With the introduction of DSi the Wii Points have been renamed Nintendo Points and from now on can be used on both Wii and DSi. In the DSi Shop for free or using Nintendo Points, users can download DSiWare applications and games. DSiWare can be stored in the DSi consoles built in 256MB internal memory or on to the SD card. To promote the use of DSi Shop every DSi System that will log-on to the Shop prior to March 2010 will get a bonus of 1000 Nintendo Points to spend in it. Some DSi Ware Games and Applications will be available for free, while the rest will cost users 200, 500, or 800+ Nintendo Points.

DSiWare romDSi Shop saw it's launched with the release of a Nintendo DSi web browser called simply - DSi Browser, which is available for free download.

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Buy Nintendo DSi Points

Nintendo PointsPosted on January 6 , 2009 in DsNews

Buy Nintendo Points for Wii and DSi Store. With DSi Points you can purchase new exclusive NDSi games for downloading to SD card.

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